Published On: Tue, Apr 17th, 2018

Southwest flight grounded in Philadelphia after engine explodes

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A Southwest Airlines flight out of LaGuardia was forced to make an emergency landing Tuesday in Philadelphia after experiencing engine problems.

Authorities and medics were on the scene but have not yet disclosed what exactly prompted the surprise stop. The father of a passenger, Todd Baur, in a phone interview with NBC 10 said a female passenger was partially “drawn out of the plane” after the jet depressurized when piece of the plane’s engine shattered a window.

He explained that she was “pulled back in by other passengers.”

Passenger Kristopher Johnson tweeted an image from his seat, showing what appears to be a blown engine.

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The plane landed Tuesday after a piece of the jet’s engine broke a window on board.

(@EMMS_MrJohnson via Twitter)

“I want to thank the crew of SWA 1380 for a great job getting us to the ground safely after losing [an] engine,” he wrote.

Marty Martinez, who also said he was on the flight, live-streamed the plane’s dramatic landing on Facebook.

“Someone on the plane had a heart attack and it looks like an engine blew out then a window was blown open,” he wrote beneath the clip. “We are still on the plane and they are trying to revive a woman on the plane.”

The grounded aircraft was moved to a remote area of the Philadelphia runway, where passengers were waiting to be escorted from the plane, according to CBS Philadelphia.

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Officials say one person was taken to the hospital, but the extent of their injuries weren’t clear, according to the news station.

The flight, bound for Dallas, took off from LaGuardia just before 10:27 a.m. and was grounded at Philadelphia International airport around an hour later, at 11:23, according Flight Aware Flight Tracking.

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