Published On: Tue, Apr 17th, 2018

Morrissey: ‘Nothing I say is provocative. They are just facts.’

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Morrissey proved Monday he can still make headlines opening his mouth — even if it isn’t for his singing.

The ex-Smiths frontman unloaded a long list of grievances, including halal meat producers, “the Loony Left” and journalism at large in a bizarre interview published on his website.

The conversation with “John Riggers” (who may or may not be a Morrissey pseudonym) titled “There Is A Light That Must Be Switched On” kicked off with Moz railing against the press for misrepresenting his words in the past.

“They don’t print what you say, and they print what you didn’t say,” Morrissey said. “Now, all journalists are megastars and the only aim of their interview is to express and establish their own personal views, and to hell with whatever the interviewee says.”

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He also threatened legal action against Spin magazine after writer Maggie Serota wrote in December that the singer’s “political beliefs border on fascism.”

Morrissey outlined those political beliefs, which include the notion that the EU “won’t allow” Brexit to happen, that British Prime Minister Theresa May “cannot say her own name unless it’s written down on a cue card in front of her” and his support for For Britain — a far-right party that emerged from former members of Ukip who left the party after they were deemed “Nazis and racists” by Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

“As far as racism goes, the modern Loony Left seem to forget that Hitler was Left wing!” Morrissey said. “But of course, we are all called racist now, and the word is actually meaningless. It’s just a way of changing the subject.”

He also lamented that “London is debased” and that the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, “cannot talk properly.”

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Morrissey said British Prime Minister Theresa May “cannot say her own name unless it’s written down on a cue card in front of her.”

(LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

One of Morrissey’s chief complaints against both of the UK’s major parties is their shared support for halal meat producers.

“Halal slaughter requires certification that can only be given by supporters of ISIS,” Morrissey inaccurately charged.

Kosher practices “must be banned” as well, according to Morrissey.

“If you eat animals, isn’t it a display of hatred for a certain species? And what gives you the right to eat another species or race? Would you eat people from Sri Lanka?” Morrissey asked.

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Moz did talk about his music, saying he no longer listens to the “great but simplistic” Smiths, but that he loves his solo albums.

Appraising Morrissey’s career solely in terms of his time with the Smiths, he said, is “a bit like referring to David Bowie only in relation to The Laughing Gnome.”

And in a response to a question about his personal beliefs holding back his music career, Morrissey opined, “Nothing I say is provocative. They are just facts.”

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