Published On: Tue, Apr 17th, 2018

EU news: Long live Frexit! MEP embarrasses Macron by demanding referendum for France | World | News

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Florian Philippot, a French MEP, compared the new president to Tony Blair for his desperation to be a good “EU pupil” and willingness to accept any policies from the lobby and the commission.

“You support the EU in a total opening of borders, disregarding the risk of migration, disregarding the risk of terrorism.

You are such a good pupil, such a good student, you are happy to follow the policies of the lobby and the commission. You are a bit like Tony Blair, you are very much a favourite in Brussels.

“You talk about reforming the European Union but you are already failing because the EU is not reformable by way of its structure.

“Please do not fall for the world of the lobbies and the technocrats, what about the world of tomorrow? The world of people who will hold their heads up high once again.

“You need to be on the right side of history, the British people have already decided to break free, break their chains.

“The British people, whether you like it or not, sovereignly voted in favour of independence and freedom.

“The European Union is the past.

“In a recent interview to the BBC you spoke about the hypothesis of a referendum of Frexit in France.

“Let me put you to the test, let the French people have a voice.

“Let us leave the European Union and enter into the world

“Mr President if this prospect does not please you then I suppose you could always move back to the European Commission, perhaps be recruited by Goldman Sachs or something like that.

“Long live Frexit and long live a free France.”

Laying out his plot for a “profound transformation” for the EU, Macron told MEPs in Strasbourg: “The context of this speech is really rather special. We have a context of division and doubt in Europe. Brexit continues.

“But there is doubt in a number of European countries there seems to be a European civil war. There is a fascination with the illiberal, that is growing all the time.

“Europe has an ever-greater responsibility.

“We are seeing the emergence of authoritarian powers with a clear strategy which seeks to call into question the multinational system where Europe takes its place.

“That’s the framework which we built up to establish peace.

“At a time of great change and transformation, digital revolution, climate change. These also make us call into question the foundation of our society. They have led to fears and unbalances.”

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