Published On: Tue, Apr 17th, 2018

Alleged Taylor Swift stalker arrested outside her home

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A third person was arrested in recent weeks for an incident near Taylor Swift’s house.

The latest is a 38-year-old Colorado man who told police he’d road-tripped to her Beverly Hills residence in hopes of meeting the “Blank Space” singer, TMZ reported.

The man was reportedly busted on Saturday after he showed up in front of her house, prompting Swift’s security team to alert the authorities.

He was then arrested for felony stalking after police spoke to him and looked through his car, according to TMZ.

Taylor Swift fan robs a bank to prove his love for pop star

The unidentified perpetrator — who remains in custody — is expected to be ordered to stay away from Swift following the arrest.

The arrest comes less than three weeks after a man named Bruce Rowley was arrested in Connecticut for allegedly robbing a bank — a stunt he told police he hoped would impress Swift, according to TMZ.

Celebrity stalking victims

Rowley also told authorities he tossed some of the stolen loot onto Swift’s property in Rhode Island, though it’s unclear if he actually did go to her home as he says.

State troopers chased Rowley back to Connecticut, where he was arrested, after spotting him in Rhode Island.

Taylor Swift performs set at cafe where she was discovered

Another man, Justin Lilly, was arrested for trespassing this month after attempting to climb over a wall to Swift’s Beverly Hills home, according to the celebrity gossip site.

Police reportedly characterized Lilly as a transient, and he was sentenced to three days behind bars and three years’ probation.

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