Published On: Mon, Apr 16th, 2018

Adam Pally had no interest in presenting at the Shorty Awards

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Adam Pally made no attempt to hide his disdain of the Shorty Awards during the ceremony Sunday night.

The “Happy Endings” star presented the award for Best Overall Instagram at the show that celebrates social media users, including trophies for Meme of the Year and best gif.

“Thank you for having me at the Shorty Awards, the waiting-at-the-DMV of award shows,” he said. “To whoever wins this award. I do have a few questions about what is happening here tonight. I guess I’ll start with: What is going on?…Where are we? Why are people getting awards? Am I going to get an award? What qualifies you to get an award?”

Appearing disheveled in an undown button-down and sweater, Pally deadpanned that “a career highlight will be when I’m done” on stage.

“This award honors those brands that have the best yearlong presence on Instagram. So I’ll be giving an award to a brand. Considering how many brands are putting all their resources into Instagram, it’s wildly impressive. Is it? This is hell,” he said.

“I’m 36. I’m worried about backpack kid. Super worried. His shoes are too big. And they’re pillows. They’re pretty big, backpack kid. Also, you dance on Instagram.

“Also, remember that winner that was up here saying she was in college for engineering but she dropped out to play video games? Don’t do that. Absolutely not. She thinks it worked out for her, but in six months, she will be trying to get back into that school because there will be a new video game that she doesn’t know how to play.”

Adam Pally presented the trophy for Best Overall Instagram at the Shorty Awards Sunday night.

(Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Shorty Awards)

He also insisted that any producers who asked him to host the Shorty Awards next year would receive a “hard pass.”

“This is the worst night of my life.”

After GoPro accepted its award, Pally returned to introduce an in memorium video for platforms like Livejournal, Xanga, AIM and Vine.

“I guess I’ll finish this s–tshow up,” he said before being shepherded off stage by a woman who wrapped up the introduction.

It’s unclear why exactly Pally agreed to present at the Shortys, where other celebrities including the Wendy’s Nugget Kid and Spencer Pratt were honored, but his rep should probably be more selctive from now on.

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