2021-12-21 01:09:55 | Australia Covid live update: NSW reports record 3,057 cases, Victoria 1,245, SA 154 as some states adjust restrictions | Australia news


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Here’s another tip, Omicron is moving significantly among the younger population. They are at parties, night clubs, restaurants. I would encourage you, especially if you want to spend Christmas with older family members, that you want to miss that big night, especially if you are visiting one of your elderly relatives over Christmas or taking major precautionary measures. Australians don’t need to be told by governments how to live.

Australians are responsible people who care about their own health, whether it’s sun-conscious behavior or Covid, or any other element of their health, and they really care about those they love and they care about their communities. One of the biggest lessons that was reinforced during the Covid pandemic is that you want to bet on how best to deal with a crisis. They bet on Australians and we did.

Sit in the outside areas … that’s a sensible thing … that’s instantly a more practical way to avoid the variant and the virus. When you’re inside you know a bit of a distance. You don’t have to squeeze yourself into a mosh pit. This is probably not a good idea if you’re going to visit your grandmother on the weekend. But that’s common sense.


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