2021-02-24 09:57:48 | Arquus launches its futuristic armored vehicle at IDEX 2021


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French Defense company Arquus unveiled its futuristic and will combat vehicle at the IDEX 2021 defense show.

As noted by the company, the new advanced vehicle, called the Scarabee, incorporates the most modern and innovative technologies developed by the Arquus, including hybrid drive, energy management, suspension height adjustment, independent rear steering axle, among many others.

Built on decades of experience designing light armored and reconnaissance vehicles, such as the AMD, the AML, the EBR or the VBL, the Scarabee has been crafted to combine protection, stealth and high mobility.

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It has been specifically thought to answer the needs of the armies as well as the needs of the crews on the field. Light, compact, fast, stealthy and very well protected for its class, the Scarabee is a difficult vehicle to spot, to acquire, to lock and to hit.

Arquus says the vehicle very first modern hybrid-drive armored vehicle, the Scarabee is a true revolution in the way reconnaissance missions are envisioned and conducted. Starting at IDEX 2021, the Scarabee is now available in three different versions and ready for action.

In Abu Dhabi, the Scarabee is presented in its PATSAS (Patrol SAS) version, specifically thought for the needs of Special Forces units, and equipped with a Hornet RCWS fitted with a 12.7mm machine gun. In its Reconnaissance version, the Scarabee brings superior firepower on the battlefield thanks to its 30mm cannon, effectively combining stealth and offensive capabilities. The third version is aimed at Security, Counter

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Terrorist and urban operations units. It carries three operators and is natively fitted with Arquus’ Battlenet BMS for increased performance while in action.

These three versions are all built on a same base to allow for commonality, maintenance optimization and reduced cost of ownership.

Very first modern hybrid-drive military vehicle, the Scarabee has been designed to redefine the standards for reconnaissance and light armored vehicles. Comparable in size to a VB2L, the Scarabee is a compact and nimble vehicle, hard to detect and acquire. It is able to hide or take cover behind the smallest obstacles, allowing optimal discretion in front of the enemy lines. With its 8T GVWR and its compact size, it can be transported underslung by helicopter and is C130 compatible. It can therefore be quickly deployed wherever it may be needed.

Photo by ARQUUS

The Scarabee can adjust its ground clearance at all times: a higher level is designed for off-roading and obstacle crossing, the lower one is for transport, airdrop, and to further enhance stealth while in a firing or observation position. It is equipped with independent steering rear wheels, allowing very short U-turns (as tight as 11m) in compartmentalized environments such as woods or urban zones. Such features also allow for crab-like movements, with the rear axle parallel to the front while turning. That unique capability allows to surge from cover and back without having to manoeuver, or to keep facing the enemy when moving to his side.

The rear-wheel steering function is controlled by a CAN bus and associated with the electro/ hydraulic management of the vehicle’s ground clearance by a suspension that adjusts the vehicle measuring attitude and the management of the detachable anti-roll bars. A hydraulic cylinder, fitted with integrated sensors, controls the movements of the rear undercarriage. The design of this function is the property of Arquus.

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With its 300hp V6 diesel engine, the Scarabee benefits from an exceptional power-to-weight ratio of 40hp per ton, allowing very high speeds in all conditions (up to 130km/h), as well as exceptional acceleration capabilities, thanks to its high travel innovative suspension system. The V6 engine, due to its construction and its location at the rear of the vehicle, allows very quiet operation in hybrid mode.

Photo by ARQUUS


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