2021-02-23 21:55:01 | Australia news live: Reynolds warns of war risk and faces fresh questions over Higgins case


Story by: Amy Remeikis The Guardian

Defence minister to tell press club there is an increased risk of war in Indo-Pacific region. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

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Not sure why there needs to be so much consultation when practically everyone agrees it needs to be an independent inquiry.

Today my crossbench colleagues and I are meeting with @Birmo to discuss the terms of reference for the inquiry into the culture of the parliament. That inquiry must be independent, rigorous, and make its findings public. The events of recent weeks must be a watershed moment. pic.twitter.com/OrRUKmTEEy

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We then get this exchange:

Q: Do you support your leader, Michael McCormack?

Of course I support the leader, but I have said consistently I like to see the National party take a more assertive and aggressive approach on issues. I think it’s very important that we defend the interests of the productive classes of this country.

I have consistently said I like to see us take a more assertive role on issues. I don’t think we should be heading down this – giving any credence to this net zero emissions path, that would shut down large sections of rural Australia.

It costs thousands of people their jobs in the agricultural* and mining** and manufacturing*** industries. They’re the lifeblood of our towns. You don’t get – you know, you won’t have towns like Moranbah if you don’t have a mining industry.

He hasn’t done that.

I’d like to see Michael step up to the plate and take up these issues. That’s what I’d like to see. I don’t think changing the captain of the ship**** is the best thing. It’s best to put the ship in the right direction.

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