2021-02-22 07:41:10 | Saudi Arabia partners South Korea on production of Biho II air defense system


Story by: Dylan Malyasov Defence Blog

Saudi Arabia’s Science Technology company has announced a partnership with South Korean Hanwha Defense through which the Middle East country will produce a new Biho II air defense system.

As noted by the company, Science Technology will produce the latest version of the Biho II mobile air defense system, which has a turret with 30mm cannon and four surface-to-air missile systems.

Biho II is a next generation air defense system with a powerful solution against all aerial threats. This system, which is the accumulated technology of Hanwha Defense, is designed to perform various missions in various battlefield environments. The high maneuverability and excellent reaction time of Biho II not only improve alliance survivability but is also very effective for air defense of major facilities.

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On top of that, Science Technology says the hybrid K30 Biho mobile air defense system, which has a turret with two 30mm cannons, successfully completed foreign trials in Saudi Arabia.

Science Technology company has been able to build international investment relationships to integrate industrial skills and capabilities and transfer its technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to support the industrial and military sectors with partners from USA, Ukraine, South Korea and South Africa.

Also, Science Technology added that the company is a proud participant in the economic development plan to achieve Vision 2030.


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