2021-02-21 09:31:11 | When will Boris Johnson announce the roadmap to end lockdown and what might be in it?


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Boris Johnson is preparing to announce his “roadmap” out of England’s lockdown that has been in place since Jan 5. 

Despite the determination to keep the details under wraps, The Telegraph has been told that the roadmap will be divided into at least four “steps” or phases, spaced roughly a month apart and running until at least the end of June.

A number of easements have already been signed off, including full reopening of schools, a limited resumption of care home visits indoors, socialising with one other person outdoors and the later mixing of two households in parks.

However, following a week of intense speculation over the speed and scale of unwinding restrictions, senior Downing Street sources have stressed that the blueprint will not be finalised until the afternoon of Sunday Feb 21 at the earliest.

Here is a look at how it might pan out.

When will the announcement be made? 

The Prime Minister will reveal the plan on Monday, Feb 22.

He will then address MPs shortly after 3pm, and four hours later the nation in a press conference from Downing Street.

How is the Government approaching the easing of restrictions?

Mr Johnson said his roadmap would include dates “if we possibly can”, explaining they will likely be target dates “by which we hope we can do something at the earliest”.  

The Prime Minister’s comments follow demands from backbench Tories for greater clarity, as Mr Johnson said the roadmap would be “cautious but irreversible”. However, he stressed that coronavirus rates would need to be “really, really low” before restrictions could be eased.

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