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Tension rises in Facebook and Australia: Australian PM talks to Narendra Modi over phone, raises issue of tech companies' bigotry


Australia News – According to information received by World News superfast, the issue of news content sharing and its payment between the government and Facebook has now become a big controversy. Facebook banned the sharing of all content of media houses in Australia and also blocked its page. 

Facebook does not want to share its profits with media companies. On the other hand, the Australian government is also not ready to bow down to Facebook and Google. She has drafted a law related to it. It has passed from the lower house of parliament. It will be introduced in the Upper House soon.

Amidst this controversy, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a phone conversation with Narendra Modi. According to media reports, Morrison asked Modi to help the Indian government in the campaign against the bigotry of tech companies.

Will not bow down to facebook

According to information received by the World News superfast, Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg spoke to Australian officials on Friday about the proposed legislation. After this, Prime Minister Morrison said clearly – there is no question of bowing to the threats of Facebook. 

We will definitely see the interests of our country and the companies here. However, the conversation is going on with Facebook and it is possible that some way out. A few teams have been formed about this which are negotiating all the issues.

What’s in the law

According to information received by the World News superfast, companies like Facebook and Google made huge profits when Corona was at its peak, but media houses suffered losses. They had to be trimmed. During this time, social media platforms kept earning money by sharing news links. Now according to the law made by the Austrian government, if social media platforms share news content, then they have to share profits with the company concerned.

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Facebook and Google are not ready to accept this

According to information received by World News superfast, they are threatening to shut down services in Australia. Morrison refused to succumb to threats from tech companies and talked to several heads of state around the world. Morrison said- I have also talked to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi about this.


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