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85 lakhs for the Namami Devi Narmade Scheme about three years ago. 1,69,360 mango plants purchased in India are missing.


Madhya Pradesh, India News – The horticulture department has suspended the nursery in-charge and gardener by taking out a quick investigation report on the MLA’s questioning in the assembly. Its investigation report was buried in the department for six months. 

Three officers responsible for purchasing and maintaining the plant were rescued. Explain that the Horticulture Department had purchased plants worth Rs 534 crore for planting both sides of the Narmada under the Namami Devi Narmade Scheme. 

Of these, 5,88,558 saplings of mango and guava were purchased for Jabalpur nursery in the year 2018-19. Of these, 3,76,369 were planted. The remaining 2,12,216 plants were kept in horticulture nursery.

Short staff before assembly session

MLA Mevaram Jatav has asked the question of not taking action despite the inquiry report in the Vidhan Sabha session starting from 22 February. On Wednesday, Commissioner Manoj Aggarwal suspended nursery in-charge Ganesh Markam and gardener Govind Koshti. The then Deputy Director SB Singh stated the purchase of the plant in the stock book register, but did not record plant distribution. 

Nodal officer Rajendra Singh Rajauria ordered the purchase of plants. Rajauria had ordered the purchase of three crore saplings to districts instead of directorate. Joint Director RB Rajodia is also guilty, who was arrested by Lokayukta police for taking bribe. But none of these actions were taken.

I will plant a tree every day for a year: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has taken a new resolution on the Narmada Jayanti. CM said, we had decided to plant trees. I will plant a tree every day continuously for one year from Narmada Jayanti. It will start from Amarkantak. My routine will start with planting trees. Every house of the residents of Amarkantak will be connected to the sewerage plant.

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