2021-02-18 11:35:19 | Lithuanian company to unveil hybrid electric buggy concept at IDEX 2021


Story by: Dylan Malyasov Defence Blog

Lithuania-based Ostara announced that it is preparing to unveil a futuristic concept of the hybrid electric-diesel special purpose vehicle during the defense biennial IDEX 2021.

At the announcement, Darius Antanaitis, Ostara Lab CEO said this exhibition is very important for the Krampus project, as the company will debut with a stealth, fast, hybrid Krampus Mk1 vehicle.

“The goal is to showcase our possibilities in constructing and producing hybrid vehicles, what technologies we can adapt to our customers. More precisely what benefits our technological customer and user will have,” Darius Antanaitis said.

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Ostara Lab CEO also said that the company will virtually showcase its prototype and will release details of its Kramnpus project.

The Krampus Mk1 is powered by a hybrid power electric motor coupled with high-performance batteries. The batteries are externally rechargeable with a type 2 charging inlet or internally mounted diesel generator.

The feature of the hybrid military buggy is to lower acoustic and thermal signatures than an internal combustion engine, which vastly reduces the signature of the vehicle while providing a greater level of security to the crew.


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Source References: Defence Blog
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