2021-02-17 12:48:16 | Your questions on quarantine hotels and summer holidays answered


Story by: Nick Trend The Telegraph

As summer approaches, there remains little clarity as to whether summer holidays can go ahead, nor what restrictions will be in place for those of us keen to jet off for some sunshine.

As things stand, overseas holidays are banned, while all returning travellers must pay for at least three costly tests and quarantine at home for 10 days. Furthermore, quarantine hotels have also been introduced for those arriving from 33 red-listed countries. Will these restrictions be eased in time for summer? We can only hope. 

Furthermore, there is the sticky issue of vaccine passports. On Monday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, while rejecting their use domestically, revealed that countries are “actively floating” the idea of immunisation passports to help restart international travel. 

Whether you’ve got a question on vaccine passports or quarantine hotels, or want some advice on whether it’s safe to book a holiday this summer, Telegraph Travel’s Chief Consumer and Culture Editor, Nick Trend, is on hand to answer your queries. Nick will be answering your questions from noon on Wednesday, February 17. 

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