2021-02-17 10:49:22 | Meprolight launches its new sight system


Story by: Daisuke Sato Defence Blog

Meprolight has announced that it is launching the new sight system, called the MEPRO O2 (MIL-SPEC).

According to a company news release, the new MEPRO O2 sight will offer a breakthrough and significant tactical advantage using, a 5 segment reticle which allows pre-setting numerous aiming patterns, to all tactical scenarios and different ammunition (for example, a quick transition between reticles when moving from 300 blackouts subsonic to supersonic ammunition).

As noted by the company, users in the defense, law enforcement, and HLS sectors benefit from advanced features such as small dimensions, lightweight (approx. 280g), and a built-in light sensor and automatic brightness control system that enables clear visibility of the red dot in any lighting conditions – a significant advantage for accurate firing.

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The MEPRO O2 sight also includes non-reflective optics without light signature toward the target, for enhanced force protection; a combination of an integral motion sensor and configurable sleep time of 4-8 hours, saving power for extended operation; a new, improved, rugged MIL-SPEC mounting design and a protected three-button control keypad.

“The MEPRO O2 sight is an innovative addition to Meprolight’s ever-growing range of small-arms aiming solutions,” says Benny Kokia, VP Sales & Marketing – at Meprolight. “For the first time, the user can now choose an optimal reticle from four pre-set aiming patterns. Our goal in developing this new sight was to provide armed forces with a significant tactical advantage, through capabilities that deliver mission flexibility and target precision, along with extended operation time”

“Our advanced technologies serve customers across the defense, law enforcement and HLS markets,” says Ronen Hamudot, Corporate VP Marketing & Sales at the SK Group. “We are proud of our ability to apply our solutions to their evolving needs, consistent with our vision of always staying ahead, and providing customers with the exact solution they need to meet new challenges that arise.”

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