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Story by: Greg Wilcox The Telegraph

Klopp says he doesn’t need time off, nor, he added, did he require “special support at this minute” because “nobody needs to worry about me. I may not sleep a lot but I am fine, full of energy.”

Which brings us to tonight’s fixture. A second round Champions League match against RB Leipzig, second in the Bundesliga, may not seem like the ideal way to take one’s mind off current personal and public troubles, but for Liverpool and Klopp it is, perhaps, exactly what they need. 

The side’s captain Jordan Henderson hinted as much when he said the tie offered the team a “new opportunity”. With the Premier League title conceded the focus, other than getting into the top four (they are currently sixth), can be on achieving more European glory.  

Of all the ties they could have got this isn’t one of the easier ones, something Henderson acknowledged when he said: “Leipzig are a very good side with very good players and manager. I think everybody knows that. We’ve got to go out there and give 100 per cent, we’re ready to give 100 per cent to get a positive result.”

After everything he’s been through a win tonight would, perhaps – even though it’s just a football match – ease just a smidgen of Klopp’s pain and who could begrudge him or Liverpool that? 

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