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Over the years the British workforce has found itself tied to desks and computer screens more than ever and, because of this, many of us have placed a higher importance on making our work spaces as comfortable as possible.

For some, that might be adding a few family photos to our desk. For others, it could be bringing in a brand of tea or coffee they love. But the most universal change? Investing in an ergonomic office chair.

Trust us – there are office chairs, and then there are ergonomic office chairs. The latter of which are not only designed to feel great, but alleviate the pains associated with working long hours and help us work more efficiently.

What makes an office chair ergonomic?

Though many office chairs and ergonomic office chairs look similar, the difference is in the details.

At a minimum, ergonomic office chairs should allow for seat height adjustment, pan depth adjustment, back support adjustment (tilt, tension, height, etc), and movement (letting you turn while seated, without straining).

Unlike normal office chairs, these functions help you get into the perfect seated position; knees a little lower than your hips, feet flat on the floor, and roughly 1-4 inches of space between the back of your knee and the seat’s edge (the ideal position for optimal leg support and blood flow).


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