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Story by: The Guardian

Name: Jake Turner

Age: 20

Dreams of: being a chef, musician and jujitsu fighter

We’re now a month-and-a-half into the new year and, after a bit of a rough time, I’ve decided to stay at my new job. I was having trouble with the amount of stress I felt under. So at the end of my shift a couple of weeks ago I built up the strength to talk to my boss and tell him about the feelings I was having. I was scared at first but, after speaking to him, I realised I did not have to be.

I was surprised because of the trauma I’ve had from confronting bosses in the past. Talking to my boss actually cleared up a lot of the thoughts that were making me feel conflicted, such as how he’d like me to direct staff and, if they wouldn’t listen, how he’d like me to react. They were the two main problems I was having. What made my decision clear was the fact that my boss respected my concerns about what was happening and saw that I have definitely been trying. After our conversation he started working with us in the kitchen more and started seeing how we were running.

I’ve learned that with Covid, especially, you don’t know the issues staff are having at home and what they’ve been through and just those two issues alone should make you understand that during this pandemic you should treat people with a bit more kindness and respect.

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Deciding to stay at my work is kind of a relief because I do like what I’m doing, I’ll have stability, learn a lot of new things and it feels good to overcome issues and build a stronger team chemistry.

How I’ve come to deal with the issues that I’ve been dealing with during this pandemic is to stop overthinking, to try to understand situations, and if I ever have anything I feel I need to say, always speak up and not just bottle it up. There are a lot of people in this world going through a lot worse things and the problems I’m dealing with are normal, to an extent.

Thinking this way helps me relax and understand that problems will always happen – for example, Covid – and we just have to adapt and change with the conditions. Yes Covid threw a lot at me, but from all the stress and problems that I’ve encountered during this time have had a major impact on my future and I also believe that I will continue to make mistakes and will continue to grow and learn from them as I make my way through life.

I’m now 20 years old and I have a lot on my plate. I have a fulltime job which requires me doing 38 hours in four days, I’m currently doing my certificate 4 in commercial cookery, I train everyday in MMA for two hours. I could go on and on and on. I feel full of potential and the possibilities for my future are endless. Even with Covid, understanding that I can do anything I want and to just take life a day at a time has helped me reach the new me.

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