2021-02-16 10:09:30 | Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev, Australian Open 2021, live score and latest updates


Story by: Uche Amako The Telegraph

Hello and welcome to the last quarter-final of the men’s draw between Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev.

All eyes will be on Djokovic, who is carrying an injury going into the match. Nobody is sure how serious the issue is but it will be tested by Zverev, who has looked impressive all tournament.

Speaking ahead of the match, Tim Henman said Djokovic was still the favourite for the men’s title.

Henman said: “We’re guessing. Is he restricted by 20 per cent, or 10 per cent, or one per cent? He did very well to recover and beat Raonic.

“Any time that Djokovic steps out on the court, he’s going to be ready to compete. If that’s the amount that we know, then I have to say he’s the favourite.”

Djokovic’s problems were greeted with some scepticism and, asked about the way he is portrayed in the media, the 33-year-old told Serbian media: “I have mostly made peace with it.

“I cannot say that it doesn’t sometimes get to me – of course an injustice or an unfair portrayal by the media affects me. I am a human being, I have emotions and naturally I don’t enjoy it.”

Henman, who faced his own share of media scrutiny during his playing career, advised Djokovic to let such concerns go, saying: “For me, when I look at his performances, his record, he’s the number one in the world, he’s won 17 slams, this is what 100 per cent of his energy, his mental focus, should be on.

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“Perceptions and other people’s thoughts, I’m surprised that he even gives one per cent of his energy or his time or his focus to these types of things because, to me, it’s not important and he can’t control it.”

The winner of the match will face Russian Aslan Karatsev in the semi-finals.


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