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How is Wales’ vaccine rollout going? 

Wales became the first country in the UK to achieve its target of offering coronavirus vaccines to everyone in its first four priority groups.

Mr Drakeford said the milestone was a “truly phenomenal effort” for the country’s vaccine rollout, which has so far seen more than 780,000 first doses delivered.

The Welsh Government previously said it would offer vaccines to those in the first four priority groups – residents and staff in care homes for older adults, frontline health and social care workers, all people 70 years old and over, and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals – by the middle of February.

The Welsh Government announced on Feb 12 that this target has been achieved. England reached this target on Feb 14.

As of Feb 15, Public Health Wales said a total of 784,809 first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine had now been given, an increase of 13,158 from the previous day.

The agency said 5,402 second doses have also been given, an increase of 829.

In total, 89.4 per cent of over-80s in Wales have received their first dose, along with 90.6 per cent of those aged 75-79 and 89.5 per cent of those aged 70-74.

For care homes, 81.6 per cent of residents and 84.5 per cent of staff have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

When will schools reopen?

Schools have been closed since before Christmas, but some pupils will return to full-time face-to-face learning from Feb 22.

This is a fortnight before the provisional date of March 8 that pupils in England will start flooding back to the classroom. 

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But a new variant of Covid-19 would be enough to close schools in Wales, the First Minister has said.

Foundation phase schoolchildren aged three to seven will return to classrooms in Wales from Feb 22, along with some older learners on vocational courses.

But Mr Drakeford told Sky News’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday programme that the decision could be reversed if “things were to go against us”.

He added said: “The advice to us from our chief medical officer and scientists is that you should, in these early stages, always take measures that could be reversed quickly if you needed to do that.

“If there were to be unintended consequences of having three to seven-year-olds back into school, then, of course, we would be able to go into reverse.”

What about exams?

Wales’ GCSE, AS and A-level exams due to take place in summer 2021 have been cancelled, Education Minister Kirsty Williams announced on Nov 10.

Mrs Williams said it was impossible to guarantee a level playing field because of the impact of coronavirus, so grades will be based on externally set classroom assessments under teacher supervision.

Can I book a summer holiday to Wales?

First Minister Mark Drakeford said people potentially booking a holiday in Wales should do it “knowing the uncertain world we are living in”.

He hinted that Wales’ tourism industry could be open for business by Easter.

“There are no guarantees in this, nobody can offer them a guarantee,” Mr Drakeford told a press conference in Cardiff on Feb 12.

“When we reopened tourism last year, we didn’t go from nothing to everything in one go. Our first steps were to reopen self-contained accommodation, where people had all their own facilities and that self-contained accommodation was occupied by people in your own family group.

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“I hear everything that the tourism industry says to us in Wales and want to recognise how important the Easter period is to them.

“I’m trying to give an indication today that if everything continues to improve, we will do what we can to respond to their wish to be able to resume trading again over the Easter period.

“Nobody should think for a moment that that will mean a wholesale reopening of that industry, and anybody who is booking ahead needs to do so in the full knowledge that the improvements that we are seeing at the moment, nobody can guarantee that things will continue in that way.”


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