2021-02-12 02:13:38 | Donald Trump’s impeachment timeline: What could happen next?


Story by: Jessica Winch The Telegraph

Thursday February 11

On Thursday, Democrats summed up their case against the former president.

They said he could run for president in 2024 and unleash a violent mob on the US Capitol once more unless he is convicted. Prosecutors said Mr Trump had shown “no remorse” for inciting a mob to attack the seat of US democracy on Jan 6 and would “do it again” if given the chance.

On the third day of the trial Jamie Raskin, the lead prosecutor, said: “Is there any political leader in this room who believes that if he is ever allowed to get back in the Oval Office, Donald Trump would stop inciting violence?

“Would you bet the lives of more police officers on that, the safety of your family on that, the future of your democracy on that? He gets back into office, and it happens again, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.”

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Friday February 12

On Friday, Mr Trump’s defence team will lay out their case. They are permitted to speak for up to 16 hours, but are expected to conclude their case within the day. 

Saturday February 13 to Sunday February 14

Senators will have four hours to pose questions to the House managers and Mr Trump’s lawyers. This could take place on Friday 12 if the defence case is brief.

Four hours will be divided equally between the parties for arguments on whether the Senate will consider motions to witness summons and documents. There will be four hours for closing arguments, along with a deliberation period, if requested by the senators, before voting starts.

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It means there could be a result as soon as Saturday.


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