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UAE's largest space flight - traveling 49.4 million km in 7 months reached Mars orbit


UAE NEWS – The first unmanned Mars mission of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ‘Hope Probe’ reached the orbit of Mars after traveling 49.4 million km after 7 months on Tuesday. The UAE also set several records as the mission was successful. As such, he took his spacecraft to Mars orbit in the first try. Became the first Muslim country, whose MARS mission was successful.

According to information received by World News superfast, it also became the 5th country in the world to reach the orbit of Mars. Before this, only America, Soviet Union, Europe and India have reached the orbit of Mars. According to the space agency of the UAE, the Hope vehicle is traveling at a speed of 1.20 lakh kmph.

Goal – Prepare the first global weather map of Mars

HOPE also aims to produce the first global weather map of Mars. It will study the atmosphere of Mars. It will monitor every part of Mars.

Danger – Chance to get away from Mars and be destroyed

UAE scientists said that if the speed of Hope accelerates, it will move away from Mars. If Hope slows down, it can perish on Mars.

Competition – Today China and 18 will reach the US ship

According to information received by the World News superfast, China’s Tianmen-1 of the UAE will arrive on Mars on Thursday and on February 18, the US spacecraft will reach Mars. Scientists believe that the arrival of three spacecraft to Mars in a month is unexpected.

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US and China ships will also reach within 10 days

• The target to reach Mars was 90 days, but due to technical reasons is reaching late.

• It will study the water, soil, rocks and environment of Mars. Will take pictures Will also make charts and maps.

• America’s Reserve Rover, NASA’s fifth vehicle

• was launched on 30 July, arriving on 18 February.

• To reach Mars in 687 days (according to the year of Mars). Chances of arriving on time.

• Will search for life chances on Earth and Mars. Collecting surface samples will return to the earth.

58 missions in 61 years; The highest of 29 US

According to information received by World News superfast, 58 missions have been sent to Mars in the last 61 years. The Soviet Union started on 10 October 1960, but the US succeeded. The highest number of missions on Mars has so far been sent by the US to 29, the Soviet Union / Russia at number 22 and the EU at number three. India, Japan, China and UAE have sent one mission each.

Mission to be sent to 5 countries in 4 years; Among them also Mangalyaan-2 of India

According to information received by World News superfast, five countries are going to send missions to Mars in the next four years. First, the EU and Russia will jointly send a landmark-lander Rover in 2022. This year, Japan will send an orbiter and lander. In 2023, America’s Psychi vehicle will depart from Mars. India will send Mangalyaan-2 in 2024. It will also have an orbiter and possibly a lander.

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