2021-02-10 09:32:08 | Quantum-Systems to display its latest drone systems at IDEX 2021


Story by: Dylan Malyasov Defence Blog

The Germany-based Quantum-Systems will showcase some of its latest unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at the IDEX 2021 exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The company, which specializes in the development and production of modern UAVs, will showcase how to enhance the effectiveness of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions with its Vector and Scorpion 2-in-1 System.

“Learn how we are disrupting existing professional commercial and governmental UAS markets, enabling automatic flights that ensure uncompromised image capture or HD live stream, and maximum efficiency to gather actionable intelligence,” it said in a statement.

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The next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles is a 2-in-1 VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) system. The 2in1 System design opens up further applications with the “Scorpion” configuration – By removing the wings and attaching a separate set of copter arms a dedicated multi copter platform becomes available for an even wider variety of mission applications.

Photo by Quantum-Systems GmbH

The Vector is a fixed-wing, vertical take-off reconnaissance drone system with the ability to operate in the most difficult terrain combined with extremely low noise emission (motor off silent mode).

An encrypted mesh IP link of the drone system can send video streams up to a range of 15+ km and it is has a flight time of up to 120 minutes. All combined in a compact and robust electric VTOL UAV.

Photo by Quantum-Systems GmbH

As to the Scorpion, this is a tri-copter drone system. Like the Vector it is also optimized for use in adverse conditions with extreme temperatures.

The centerpiece is identical to the fixed-wing Vector UAV housing gimbal, autopilot and data link. The larger propellers and motors of Scorpion make it a state of the art tri-copter with live video data link for various mission scenarios.

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As a tri-copter it is ideal for smaller-scale and stationary use, for example in densely built-up areas. With a flight time of 45 minutes, it can cover a wide range of applications.


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