2021-02-09 08:02:30 | U.S. Army eyeing next generation laser target locator


Story by: Dylan Malyasov Defence Blog

The U.S. Army on Monday released a series of documents detailing its plans for a next generation laser target locator.

The Army Product Manager, Soldier Precision Targeting Devices (PdM SPTD), located at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, is reaching out to industry to determine vendors’ ability to produce and deliver a self-contained Laser Target Locator Module III (LTLM III) that meets updated performance requirements.

According to a Feb. 8 request for information on U.S. government’s main contracting website, the PdM SPTD is conducting “market research” seeking information from potential sources that are capable of providing a LTLM III.

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The LTLM III shall provide an all-weather 24/7 targeting capability and include, but not be limited to a color day camera, thermal imager, color display, direct view optic, eye-safe laser range finder, M-Code compliant Global Position System (GPS) card and digital magnetic compass (DMC).

PdM SPTD currently supports these capabilities through the fielding and sustainment of three variants of the LTLM. The first two variants are the MARK VIIE and the TRIGR, they provide the Soldier the capability to locate a target up to 5 kilometers away in daylight and 900 meters away at night in a 5.5 pound package. The third, LTLM II, provides the Soldier with all the same capability, but in a 3.25 pound package.

PdM SPTD is considering a competitively awarded contract in the first quarter fiscal year 2023, and is seeking information from interested companies on their demonstrated ability to meet the requirements for the new locator module within the stated timeline. PdM SPTD anticipates procuring between 5,000 and 6,000 (current total Acquisition Objective) additional LTLM III systems.

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