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Navy Sailor killed in Maharashtra - Palamau's naval kidnapped from Chennai, not receiving 10 lakh ransom


India News – According to information received by World News superfast, Kidnappers burnt alive in Chennai’s Palghar district, by a naval kidnapped from Chennai. A badly scorched naval died on Saturday. Investigation has revealed that a ransom of Rs 10 lakh was sought in lieu of leaving them. The Palghar police have registered a case of kidnapping and murder against unknown miscreants.

Was abducted on 30 January

According to information received by World News superfast, Palghar SP Dattatreya Shinde said that 27-year-old Navy seller Suraj Kumar Dubey was from Palamu, Jharkhand. His posting was on the INS pioneer near Coimbatore. He returned from leave on 30 January. Meanwhile, he was abducted by 3 people outside Chennai Airport at around 9 pm.

After keeping him in Chennai for 3 days, Kidnapper brought him to Palghar, 1400 km away. A ransom of Rs 10 lakh was sought from his family. Police believe that the crooks took them to the forest of Palghar on Friday last after not receiving the money. They tied their hands and feet and put petrol and set it on fire.

A man made a noise after seeing a fire

According to the information received by the World News superfast, while the crooks were burning the sun, a man was caught sight of them. When he made a noise, the accused left Suraj and fled. The person informed the police about the case. The police team who reached the spot got Suraj admitted to the sub district hospital. When he regained consciousness, Suraj informed the police about his abduction.

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Died in Mumbai during treatment

According to information received by the World News superfast, after Suraj’s condition deteriorated, doctors referred him to Mumbai. He died on Saturday while undergoing treatment there. SP Dattatreya Shinde told that news has been given to Suraj’s family. More information will be available only after his arrival.


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