2021-02-05 13:05:06 | Senate passes budget plan to allow Biden’s $1.9tn Covid relief package without Republicans – live


Story by: Martin Belam The Guardian

  • Kamala Harris uses casting vote to pass resolution
  • House votes to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees
  • Trump will refuse to testify at impeachment trial
  • US records over 5,000 daily Covid deaths for first time
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1.05pm GMT

For two decades, Fox News has reigned supreme as America’s number one cable news channel. Until January, that is. Nielsen numbers, published this week, found that Fox News ranked third out of the three main cable news channels. It was the first time since 2001 that Fox News found itself in third place, and continued a pattern from the end of 2020, when Donald Trump urged his supporters to abandon Fox News in favor of even more rightwing rivals like NewsMax and One America News.

The response from Fox News has not been a period of sombre self-reflection. Instead, the network seems to have made a chaotic lunge towards the right wing.

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12.54pm GMT

The overnight budget resolution vote in the Senate makes good on president Joe Biden’s promise to move swiftly on relief measures for those in the economy affected by the coronavirus pandemic. At 8:30am EST (1:30pm GMT) we’ll get the latest jobs report numbers, which will be the first major indicator of how the economy is faring since he took office.

The $1.9 trillion relief package proposed would be used to speed Covid-19 vaccines throughout the nation. Other funds would extend special unemployment benefits that will expire at the end of March and make direct payments to people to help them pay bills and stimulate the economy. Democrats also want to send money to state and local governments dealing the worst health crisis in decades.

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