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Biden hard on China - second US warship stationed in South China Sea in a week; America said - will help Taiwan


USA NEWS – The US has prepared to give a suitable answer to China trying to capture the South China Sea. According to information received by the World News superfast, the most dangerous and advanced Warship Nimitz (USS Nimitz) of the US Navy has been evacuated from the Middle-East towards the South China Sea. The Pentagon has confirmed this.

Theodore Roosevelt Warship is stationed in this area before Nimitz

China is trying to threaten China, including Taiwan, in the South China Sea. In recent times, his fighter jets have flown close to Taiwan. The US has made it clear that Taiwan will be protected.

The meaning of this decision

According to information received by the World News superfast, Trump administration deployed Nimitz in the Arabian Sea due to tensions with Iran. Biden sent it to the South China Sea as soon as he took power.

According to information received by the World News superfast, Biden’s decision is clearly a sign of strictness for China and a softening towards Iran. His administration is set to re-implement the nuclear deal with Iran that Trump canceled. That means stress will reduce here. At the same time, by deploying two advanced warships against China simultaneously, Biden has made it clear that every move of his pressure will be responded to.

It’s not just navy warship

According to the information received by the World News superfast, the South China Morning Post wrote in a report released on Thursday – this is a clear indication to China. The US has removed Nimitz from the Arabian Sea and deployed it in this area. It is not just a warship but a mobile airforce base. Through this, America serves its military and economic interests in the world.

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Last week, when Roosevelt was stationed in the area, China went to Bifar. China had said that this would increase tensions in South China Sea and the possibility of confrontation would be very high. Japan and Australia are also present here along with America.

Nimitz therefore better

According to information received by World News superfast, USS Nimitz is an aircraft carrier. Its flight deck itself is 333m x 77m. The warship, which will be operational in 2017, employs 6,000 naval personnel at a time.

According to the information given to the World News superfast, at present, it has 60 of America’s most dangerous and best aircraft. The missiles on it can hit accurately in any part of the world. It is said that inter ballistic missiles are also present on Nimitz. In addition, there are spy and attack drones.


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