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Israeli Minister said- If America does not support, no worries, we will attack Iran alone


Israel News – Israel has made it clear that Iran is not allowed at any cost, equipped with nuclear power. According to the information given to the World News superfast, Cabinet Minister Jachi Hangby, close to Prime Minister Netanyahu, said – If America does not support or deal with Iran against us, we are not worried about it, Israel alone by attacking Iran and its The atom will destroy the hideout.

Israeli minister’s statement is being considered as a message to American Biden government

In 2015, there was a nuclear deal between America and Iran during Barack Obama’s era. When Trump became president in 2017, he canceled it. According to information received by World News superfast, now Biden has come to power. They are again hinting at taking a soft stand against Iran. The Israeli government is not happy with this.

Only Israel will decide

According to information received by World News superfast, in an interview to a TV channel, the Israeli minister said – America will never target Iran’s nuclear program. Now it is up to Israel to decide whether to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Tensions are rising in the Middle East due to Iran’s nuclear program. One reason for this is the change in US power. Unlike Trump, the Biden Administration is taking a soft approach towards Iran. Israel and the Gulf countries have been opposing it.

Israel is being forced

The petitioner said clearly – Israel is being forced to deal with this danger alone. Now Israel has to decide whether it wants Iran armed with nuclear power. Maybe in the future we have no other way but to attack Iran. Iran also knows that it has very few options to respond to Israel. Hangby’s statement also becomes important in this regard as he has also previously led Home Minister, Intelligence Chief and Intelligence Agency Mossad.

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Understand the meaning of this statement

According to information received by the World News superfast, during Trump’s time, the US took a very tough stand against Iran. After Trump’s approval, General Qasim Sulemani, Iran’s biggest and more popular than president, was killed in Iraq. Two nuclear scientists were killed in Tehran. Now Biden is hinting at implementing the old deal and taking a soft stance on Iran.

60-year-old rivalry between Israel and Arab countries ends during Trump’s era

Now they have come very close. Iran is the biggest threat to Arab countries. He now has a very strong friend as Israel. According to information received by the World News superfast, Iran is also a big threat to Israel. Therefore, the statement of the petitioner is the message of its allies to America.


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