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Virus spike in China can be subdued in 1-2 weeks - top epidemiologist


China News – According to information received by World News superfast, COVID-19 infection is declining in many places in China, the epidemic situation in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province is not clear, most infection cases in the last few days Along with it topped the country’s daily figures. However, China’s top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan said on Monday that the virus spike in Heilongjiang would suppress in one to two weeks.

The National Health Commission on Monday reported 12 new confirmed cases.

According to information received by World News superfast, eight of them are from Heilongjiang. Of the eight cases, two were previously thought to be asymptomatic, and another six were all discovered during COVID-19 of large close contacts that were previously placed under quarantine.

Total confirmed cases in the province have reached 522, and silent carriers are 529

According to information received by the World News superfast, Zhong said during a video interview with Professor Yang Baofeng of Harbin Medical University, analyzing the epidemic situation in the area, one of the major factors leading to the resurgence is the cold weather. is.

In this phase of cluster infections, the virus speeds up very fast

According to information received by World News superfast, it is good at hiding itself. This has happened not only in northeastern China, but also in neighboring Russia, indicating that the cold weather has something to do with the flare-up. Above, Zhong noted. Coronaviruses are known to survive for a long time in low temperatures. Winter, combined with a closed indoor environment, has become a vulnerable season for contracting viruses.

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Spike has revealed loopholes in epidemic prevention in rural areas

 According to information received by the World News superfast, where people have relatively poor knowledge of how to protect themselves from illness, especially during the upcoming Spring Festival holidays, the most important event for gatherings among the rural population. Wang Guangfa, a respiratory specialist at Peking University First Hospital, noted that although Heilongjiang has reported the highest number of cases in China, it does not indicate that the epidemic situation is deteriorating.

In contrast, as we can see from the epidemiological report, most cases were put under quarantine before it was confirmed

According to information received by World News superfast, which means that silent carriers are being controlled without transferring the virus to the crowd. Wang told Global Times. Zhong assured the public that the recent outbreak would be curbed in one to two weeks, given the slow pace of transition to stronger, time-bound government intervention.


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