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India Kisan Movement - Farmers of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana reaching Ghazipur border, Mahapanchayat at 11 am in Muzaffarnagar


India News – According to information received by WorldNews superfast, the peasant movement may be over. But, after the emotional stakes of Indian Farmers Union spokesperson Rakesh Tikait on the Ghazipur border last night, the peasant movement seems to be intensifying. After the deployment of heavy police force on the Ghazipur border till 4 pm on Thursday evening, the atmosphere had become such that the farmers would be sent home.

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, the police had to return at midnight. Because, the farmers started preparing to intensify the movement. Thousands of farmers from UP and Haryana left for Ghazipur border in the night. Today, Kisan Mahapanchayat has also been convened in Muzaffarnagar at 11 am.

Tikait was ready to end the sit-in, stubbornly threatened by the MLA

Rakesh Tikait agreed to withdraw from the protest site during the meeting with the officers at 6 pm. But, after some time, the case took a U-turn with the entry of BJP MLA Nand Kishore. According to information received by WorldNews superfast, Nand Kishore along with his supporters reached the dharna. He asked the police to remove the agitators by Sunday, otherwise we will remove them.

Tikait erupted after this

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, he said that ‘BJP MLA has come to kill the farmers in collaboration with the police force. So now we are not going anywhere. ”Rakesh Tikait’s elder brother Naresh Tikait also said that now all three black laws will be settled and returned.

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Announcement in the village of Tikait at 10 pm- Every farmer will reach Ghazipur

In view of the changed situation on the Ghazipur border, the crowd chanted ‘Gazipur Cooch’ slogan at Rakesh Tikait’s house in Sisauli village of Muzaffarnagar at 10 pm. Meanwhile, Jat leader and RLD chief Ajit Singh announced support for the movement by calling Rakesh Tikait, according to information received by WorldNews superfast. RLD leader Jayant Chaudhary also said that he will meet Tikait on Friday. With this, Jat Politics has been entered in the whole matter.

From 11 am, people from Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Ghaziabad, Shamli and Baghpat started the journey for Ghazipur

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, besides Khap, many Khapas in Haryana have also announced that they will also reach the Delhi border. Farmers also left on 1 thousand tractors from Bhiwani, Haryana. Seeing the worsening situation in both the states, the police force waiting for orders for action on the Ghazipur border began to retreat.

Tikait’s tears coming out of the sticks

The UP police sealed the dharna at 4 pm on the Ghazipur border on Thursday evening. In the presence of heavy police, the farmers were served a notice to withdraw. According to information received by WorldNews superfast, the officials said that the picket will be removed. The effect of this was that the statements of sticks and bullets played into the controversies in the emotional bets. He cried and said, ‘There is a conspiracy to kill me. I will commit suicide The farmers of the country will not let it go to waste. Rakesh Tikait said while crying – Take the law back or I will commit suicide.

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Singhu border also sealed, paved barricades all around

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, the deployment of security forces was also extended on Thursday at the Singhu border in Haryana. Blocked the strike from all sides. Now no one can come here, nor can anyone go out. Paved barricades have been installed here. On the other hand, heavy force is also deployed on the Tikari border. Both these borders are big points of the peasant movement.


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