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India Kisan Andolan - Delhi Police Commissioner said


India News – According to information received by WorldNews superfast, the police on Wednesday shared information on the violence during the tractor parade of farmers in Delhi. Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava came in front of the media at around 8.15 pm and held the farmers leaders responsible for the violence. He said that the peasant leaders broke the promise, gave provocative speeches and this was the reason for the violence.

According to the information received by WorldNews superfast, the police commissioner said that we have video footage, intelligence information and all are under investigation. He said that whoever was found responsible for the violence, will not spare him.

Police commissioner’s press conference

1. Farmers break the conditions set after 5 rounds of meeting

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, SN Srivastava said, ‘On January 26, we had given some terms and conditions for the farmers’ tractor rally. Our first condition was that the Kisan Rally should start at 12 pm and end at 5 pm. Farmer Leader Lead the tractor march and stay in the front line, so that they can control the batch. 

According to the information received by WorldNews superfast, there should not be more than 5000 tractors in the rally and there should not be any weapon, spear, sword like that. Discipline remained in the rally. All these conditions were approved by the farmer leaders after a 5 round meeting.

2. It was only on 25 that the farmers were disobeying the promise

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He said, ‘On the evening of 25 January, we came to know that the farmers were renouncing their promises. During the rally, he put forward the fiery people. Such people were captured on the stage and they gave inflammatory speeches. This cleared his intentions.

According to information received by WorldNews superfast

These people started the march on the 26th January at 8.30 am on the Singhu border. According to the agreement, they should have turned right, they did not go there and sat on the dharna. His leader Satnam Pannu gave a provocative speech. The peasants bent on breaking barricades. Darshan Pal also refused to go the prescribed route.

3. Farmer leaders asked to break barricades

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, Srivastava said, ‘Protestors started running from Tikri and Ghazipur in the same way at 8.30 am. When the farmers were asked to start the parade at 12 o’clock, they did not agree and broke the barricades and proceeded. Gave provocative speeches of their leader Satnam Singh Pannu. He spoke of breaking barricades. After this, violence started.

The farmers who came out of Tikri staged a sit-in at Nangloi. These people also broke barricades and committed violence. Removing road blocks from a container, these people reached the Red Fort. The farmers who came out of Ghazipur broke barricades at Akshardham. These farmers also reached the Red Fort. ‘

4. We had options, but we chose moderation

He said, ‘Police exercised restraint during the violence. We had all the options, but we chose the mode of moderation. We did this because we did not want loss of property and property. This was the agreement of both of us. According to information received by WorldNews superfast, we wanted to have a peaceful rally. This violence is due to non-acceptance of terms and conditions and all the farmer leaders have been involved in this.

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5. No person’s life was lost to the police

He said, ‘394 policemen are injured. Some policemen are also in ICU. 828 police barricades, 8 tire killers, 4 steel gates, 30 police vehicles, 6 containers and dumpers were damaged. Despite this violence, not a single person died at the hands of the police. According to information received by WorldNews superfast, the police handled all these situations with restraint. We only used tear gas. ‘

6. Taking the flag hoisting at the Red Fort seriously

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, the police commissioner said, ‘The paths through which the farmers reached the Red Fort, they also put up more religious flags of the organizations there. 

I want to mention that we are taking seriously the illegal movement in Delhi and the violence and hoisting of the flag on the Red Fort property of the Archaeological Department during that time. We have video footage of the perpetrators and are being analyzed. Legal action will be taken by arresting such people. So far Delhi Police has registered more than 25 cases.

7. Farmer organizations will be strictly questioned and then action taken

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, he said, ’25 FIRs have been filed so far in the violence case. 19 accused have been arrested. At the same time, 50 suspects are being questioned in custody. 

The miscreants are being identified through CCTV footage and face recognition system. Investigation and action are continuing. One thing I want to tell everyone is that no accused will be released. Action will be taken against whoever is a farmer leader and if he is found involved in it. Delhi Police will interrogate farmer organizations and take action to protect the nation.

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