2021-01-25 09:18:19 | Russia develops next-generation heavy interceptor


Story by: Dylan Malyasov Defence Blog

Russia’s main state-owned industrial conglomerate Rostec has confirmed the development of a next-generation long-range interceptor to replace an aging fleet of MiG-31 fighter jets.

According to a press release issued on 22 January by Rostec, the new interceptor already entered the development stage and called the MiG-41.

“Development of the next-generation of interceptor aircraft has already begun,” the company said. “The project of the Perspective Long-Range Aviation Complex (PAK DP) under the codename “MiG-41″ is at the stage of the development stage.”

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Beyond the revelation of the name of the new heavy interceptor, Rostec did not have much additional information to offer about the program’s progress.

Russia’s next stealth long-range interceptor is intended to replace the MiG-31 Foxhound in the Russian Air Force in the mid-2020s.

The MiG-31 is a two-seat all-weather supersonic long-range interceptor. It was the first Soviet combat plane of the fourth generation as developed in the 1970s.

The latest version of the interceptor, called the MiG-31BM, is designated to intercept air targets at long ranges inaccessible for strikes by standard fighter jets.


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