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Vic Sinclair, large electricals buyer at John Lewis, agrees. “The main things to consider when buying a washing machine are the types of clothes and fabrics you’re washing, how many loads are you washing on a daily or weekly basis and whether you need to opt for a larger capacity machine, and timing. How quickly do you need your clothes washed?” 

Trefler also highly recommends a machine with automatic dispensing. “Automatic detergent dispensing is becoming much more prevalent and is the best way to help save both time and money,” he says. “Using this feature means you no longer have to worry about getting the dosage right, as the machine will calculate the precise amount required for each individual wash load and dose it at the optimum point in the cycle, for the smartest, most caring clean.”

The display is important too – be sure to choose a machine you find easy to use. Trefler is full of tips for those who are stretched for time for domestic chores, and points to the efficiency of pre-ironing programmes. “If you have a busy lifestyle consider a model with quick or PowerWash cycles, offering a thorough wash in less than an hour.  More customers are also liking the benefits that pre-ironing programmes can offer, helping to take the hassle out of this chore by injecting bursts of steam at the end of the cycle to smooth clothes, for easier ironing.”

As with fridges, tumble dryers, washer dryers and televisions, the washing machine can increasingly be integrated into a modern smart home. “The market for smart appliances is growing and the capabilities offered by these appliances are increasing. We have introduced AppControl on selected models. It allowing customers to control their machines remotely, enabling them to take care of their laundry when they are elsewhere.  It offers a helpful WashAssistant, determining the best programme for every wash. Meanwhile, our TwinDos technology reminds users when the detergent containers are running low, with the option to easily order more when required.”

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