2020-12-12 01:31:22 | When is the UK due to leave the EU and how will it happen?


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Some progress has been made in recent weeks on the main points of conflict between the UK and the EU; fishing, trade and the Irish border.

The EU demanded unfettered access to Britain’s waters for 10 years on December 3, resulting in the suspension of talks until December 6, when the EU signaled it was ready to compromise. 

Cabinet minister Michael Gove, who met with EU Commission’s vice-President, Maros Sefcovic, also told the Today programme that compromise was possible.

After discussions between Mr Gove and Mr Sefcovic, the British Government indicated they would remove the clauses from the Internal Market Bill which would have allowed the Government to override part of the Irish protocol agreed in the Withdrawal Agreement.

The Government have signaled that talks could continue up until December 31, when the transition period ends.

However, Mr Johnson, has put the country on notice for a no-deal Brexit after telling his Cabinet that Brussels wants to “punish” Britain for refusing to be yoked to EU rules.

The Prime Minister said on December 10, the EU wants to treat the UK as a “twin” that must copy whatever it does in future, which is “clearly not the sensible way to proceed”.

He said he would “go the extra mile” and was ready to fly to Paris, Berlin or Brussels if there was any prospect that he could “get this home and get a deal”.

But with no signs of movement from the EU three days before trade talks are due to end, Mr Johnson told ministers the time had come to “get on and make those preparations” to trade on Australia-type terms with Europe from January 1. 

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The Prime Minister said there was now a “strong possibility” of no deal.


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