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Story by: Alex Clark The Telegraph

England is enduring a second national lockdown which will last until at least December 2, as the Government attempts to stop the surge in coronavirus cases and prevent the NHS becoming overwhelmed.

Covid-19 is known to have been contracted by 1,344,356 in the UK and 51,766 people have died from the virus. 

The country will continue with the three tier-system after December 2 unless the lockdown is extended, which cabinet member Michael Gove told Sky news was possible. 

Key restrictions in the lockdown include: 

  • The closure of all pubs, bars and restaurants, though takeaways and deliveries will be permitted
  • The closure of all non-essential retail. A ban on the mixing of households, except for support or childcare reasons
  • A restriction on travel, including outbound international travel (except for work). Travel within the UK is also discouraged. 

You can explore the infection rate in your local area, by entering your postcode in the tool below:

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Public Health England release a daily update on how many confirmed cases of coronavirus there are in each English local authority.

Type in your postcode in the tool below to find out how many cases there have been in your local area.


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Source References: The Telegraph
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