2020-11-12 06:00:00 | Eco-friendly washing machines can be cheaper than alternatives, Which? says


Story by: Sam Meadows The Telegraph

Environmentally-friendly products don’t have to cost a premium, consumer champion Which? said as it launched a new “eco buy” label.

In the first shake up to its labels in more than a decade, Which? has unveiled 34 appliances it recommends as “eco buys”, chosen because they use less energy or water, last for longer and are easier to repair.

However, despite assumptions that it might cost more to be green the consumer group said that several items on the list were cheaper than the average despite being better for the environment.

The cheapest product on the list, a Bosch washing machine costing £329, is £150 cheaper than the average appliance of its type.

Five other washing machines on the list are cheaper than the average cost of £507, Which? said, while one dishwasher is around £100 cheaper than the typical cost. In addition, households could save £15 a year on utility bills with an environmentally-friendly machine because of reduced energy usage.

Michael Briggs, head of sustainability at the organisation, said:  “We know people care about reducing their carbon footprint, but every day shoppers face complicated jargon, misleading claims and products that fail to live up to expectations. 

“The Eco Buy shows Which?’s commitment to helping consumers find products that are less likely to break down and will save them money. Our aim is also to incentivise manufacturers to up their game and make products that are less harmful to the environment.”

The Eco Buy label was launched to satisfy the “huge demand” for information on sustainability, the group claimed..

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Which? first labelled a product a “Best Buy” in 1958 and the new category will sit alongside this and the rather less positive moniker “Don’t Buy”.


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