2020-11-05 18:36:24 | Best flower delivery companies online (and tricks to keep your blooms fresh)


Story by: Katie Russell The Telegraph

Why we like them:Moonpig is a one-stop-shop for gift procrastinators

While Moonpig – yes, the one off the dot-com jingle – may not be known for its flower delivery service, its blooms don’t disappoint. 

The selection is is reasonably varied and you can purchase bouquets filled with tulips, roses, peonies and chrysanthemum – all at a reasonable price. There are even a few specialty flower gift sets catered to gin lovers, chocolate lovers, and more.

Next-day delivery is available for a small fee of £3.99, but Moonpig’s best perk is the option to order customised cards, food, drink, and other gifts in a single shop. 

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How can you make flowers last longer at home?

Changing the water every few days is a given, but there are some less obvious tricks to keeping your bouquet fresher for longer.

“Your vase is really super important,” explains Sophie Powell, course director at the McQueens Flower School. “Plastic and metal – those particular materials generate bacteria a lot quicker than a glass vase, so perhaps invest in a really nice glass vase.”

If you are using a plastic or metal vase, Powell recommends changing the water every day – otherwise, change it every few days. You can often tell when the water needs changing because it will go cloudy.


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