2020-11-05 16:29:59 | The best pillows for a luxurious night’s sleep


Story by: Jack Rear The Telegraph

Firmness: Soft

If I were to ever open a five star ultra-luxury hotel, this is the pillow I would use in the rooms.

It is deliciously, delightfully soft, contouring perfectly to the shape of my head without getting totally flattened. A lot of the feather and down pillows on this list ended up getting flattened after a few nights’ sleep, in need of constant plumping. Not so here. The soft, springy construction manages to perk itself back up the following morning.

This is the ultimate luxury pillow, looking and feeling incredible premium (indeed, it’s the number one pillow as decided by Which? members). I tested the Soft/Medium version and thought it gave the perfect level of support and comfort but you can pick a firmness to suit you.

So why is this one so much more luxurious than the other feather pillows? Well, for a start, the feathers are goose, which is makes them softer and fluffier than duck, but beyond that, it’s important to note that this pillow has the 90pc feather, 10pc down split. Often, you’d get much less feather than that, or it would have duck feather added to it instead. Down and duck feather have a tendency to clump up, so the high feather content of the Soak & Sleep means it springs back into place and keeps its shape.


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