2020-11-04 10:41:06 | Britons make last-minute dash to leave the country before lockdown


Story by: Annabel Fenwick-Elliott The Telegraph

The Prime Minister is being urged to provide sector support for the travel industry, as England moves into another nationwide lockdown.

Manuel Cortes, The General Secretary of the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) said:

“Doubtless you will be aware that this normally vibrant sector of the economy has taken a massive hit in recent months, with close to 100,000 jobs lost.

“Deep fears remain across the industry over further redundancies in coming weeks, not least as lockdown advice for November states that ‘holidays abroad and in the UK…will not be allowed’ – essentially a complete shutdown of the travel sector.  

“The truth of the matter is your government to date has ignored the clarion calls for help from our travel trade; the buck has been passed from Business Department to the Department for Transport and back again. Meanwhile no effective action has been forthcoming.  

“Now, as lockdown approaches, many businesses across our travel trade need substantive, long-term, sector specific economic support.  

“There would also be a real benefit in creating a post of travel minister, so that travel no longer falls between the cracks but has the dedicated champion our industry needs on a daily basis.  

“I urge you to consider these measures without delay, hundreds of thousands of livelihoods depend on it.”


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Source References: The Telegraph
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