2020-11-04 03:24:42 | Donald Trump closes in on victory over Joe Biden in Florida as early results show tight race – latest news


Story by: Josh White The Telegraph

With less than two hours to go until polls close in Arizona, an 11th-hour appeal by incumbent Republican senator Martha McSally tells us a lot about the GOP’s hopes, reports Laurence Dodds.

Ms McSally, a former combat pilot, grabbed a prime-time rush-hour slot on a local conservative talk radio station to lambast her opponent Mike Kelly as a tool of big money Democrats and other outside interests.

“Mark Kelly has been hiding this entire campaign, [with] money pouring in from liberals, coastal elites, [Senate Democratic leader] Chuck Schumer and his tens of millions of dollars, putting up slick TV ads, thinking somehow that he can get coronated as a senator without working for it and fighting for it.”

In the past, Arizona Republicans have relied on having a bigger pool of hardcore, habitual voters than the Democrats. But polls have suggested independents are swinging towards Joe Biden, meaning the GOP must dig even deeper to compensate.

Meanwhile, there have been sporadic reports of voter intimidation and allegations of voter suppression, with Spanish-speaking voters receiving threatening calls from parties unknown. Happily, most voting here seems to have gone smoothly.


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Source References: The Telegraph
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