2020-11-03 21:15:00 | a scorching tent led to an unexpected departure


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Matt Lucas hailed it as the decade of “Brookside, Right To Reply and the emergence of Carol Vorderman – really edgy stuff”. He recreated the Careless Whisper sax solo and crooned Spandau Ballet’s True into a rolling pin. Noel Fielding’s reference points were rather more arty: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Debbie Harry, The Cure and Grace Jones. 

The impish co-hosts teamed up to riff on Emu’s Pink Windmill Show (“There’s somebody at the door”) and Sooty (“Izzy whizzy, let’s get busy”). There were passing mentions of E.T., Rubik’s Cubes, shoulder pads, leg-warmers, prawn cocktails and Wall’s Viennettas. We also learned that back in the Eighties, 25 miles of Arctic Roll were sold every month. Not bad for something that food writer Nigel Slater described as tasting like “frozen carpet”.

Anyone else feeling Christmassy?

A tough year and a second lockdown has seen many comfort-craving Britons getting festive earlier than usual – putting up trees, mulling drinks and stocking up on food. Christmas came early to the tent too, courtesy of Peter Sawkins’s clever Christmas ice cream cake. 

With its brandy-soaked fruit, mini plum puddings, marzipan and holly decorations, it was a taste of December, filmed in August and airing in early November. Strange but suitably 2020ish.

Quarter-final now beckons

And then there were five. The surviving quintet now progress to Dessert Week. Hermine and Peter now look like the favourites but Marc is steadily improving as the contest progresses. Could Dave or Laura also make a late bid for cake-stand glory? It promises to be a fascinating home stretch.

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