2020-11-03 17:58:54 | First states prepare to declare as voting nears end


Story by: Dominic Gilbert The Telegraph

A Democrat polling so strongly in Arizona and Georgia, which last went blue in the 1990s for Clinton, as well as Texas, red since Carter in the 1970s, is the measure of landslides. 

If polling is accurate all three states are on a knife-edge, with a margin of 2.6 per cent in Arizona, 1.2 per cent in Georgia, and 1.1 per cent in Texas.

What time will we get the final result? 

We’re unlikely to know who’s won the presidency until at least the morning, but to get a good idea of who’s on track to win we don’t have to wait until one candidate picks up the needed 270 electoral college votes.

In 2016 Donald Trump’s surprise victory was clear by about 3.30am to 4am GMT following a string of swing states declaring in his favour and making his win all but certain. He officially crossed the 270 threshold at around 7.30am GMT.

That said, if the race is tight, or if counting the vast number of votes by post due to the pandemic proves overwhelming, delays to the declaration of a winner are possible.

Most states began counting mail-in ballots and those turning out to stations early before election day, but in several others – including key swing states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – laws prevent ballots from being checked until election day itself.

Combine these barriers with a tight race and then the Biden or Trump campaigns considering legal action to force recounts, and it’s possible to see how it might be some time before we know for sure who’s won. 

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How the 2020 campaign played out

Dominated by the spread of Covid-19, the 2020 presidential race has been far from traditional.

While Trump continued encouraging mass rallies the length and breadth of the country, Biden began the year with a more muted tone, cancelling in-person rallies and turning to virtual town halls and fundraisers.


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