2020-11-03 06:53:54 | What are the key races to watch, and why is it important?


Story by: Verity Bowman The Telegraph

Who looks likely to win?

So far the Senate race looks even closer than the presidential election. Democrats are favoured by forecasters to win the presidency and keep the House majority, but the future of the Senate is far less certain. 

Right now, the Democrats are likely to win a majority by a small margin of 52.4 seats to 47.6, according to polling by the Economist.

In early October the Republicans had a bleak outlook, thanks to Mr Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the controversial first presidential debate, which has impacted current polling. 

But now record level spending in key states has spurred the Republicans on, and leaning states appear to be stabilising. 

The appointment of Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court judge could also have an impact yet to be reflected by analysis. 

What are the key races to watch?

As the struggle for the Senate is so unpredictably narrow, there are several vital races which might just swing the outcome of the 2020 election. 

Firstly, California’s 21st Congressional District is an important race, as Democrat, TJ Cox’s ability to maintain his seat in the previously Republican-ruled area of Southern California will offer an indication of the strength of the blue’s power overall. Just two years ago, in 2018, Cox defeated the Republican candidate, David Valadao, by less than one point, so the world will undoubtedly watch this re-battle in anticipation. 

The race for New York’s 11th Congressional District is another telling sign of Mr Trump or Mr Biden’s success, as, despite New York’s reputation as a Democratic state, Republican Nicole Malliotakis is putting up a tough fight for this Staten Island borough with a previously Republican stronghold. 

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Thirdly, the battle between Xochitl Torres Small, a Democratic Congresswoman, and Republican Yvette Herrell, for the 2nd Congressional District of New Mexico, guarantees to be an exceptionally close race, as the Democrats claimed the district by as little as 4,000 votes in 2018. 

What time do the results come out?

In previous elections, most states declare their results throughout the night, and the winner becomes more apparent when the swing states announce their electoral candidates. However, in the case of the 2020 election, the results are harder to trace, as over 94 million citizens cast their vote by post, meaning the counting process will not be complete on the night. 

Therefore, while election night will suggest which presidential candidate will come out victorious, the official results may take a number of days to be confirmed. 

If the timings are similar to those of the 2016 election, we will have a clear idea of the results by around 7.30 GMT on Wednesday, November 4th. 


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