2020-10-30 19:06:13 | What to put in a homemade Christmas hamper for 2020


Story by: Saffron Alexander The Telegraph

Christmas hampers, packed to the brim with indulgent treats you otherwise wouldn’t consider purchasing outside the festive season, are a seasonal tradition for many of us. But hampers, filled with the best festive and seasonal goodies on the market, don’t always come cheap. 

Fortnum’s Classic Christmas Hamper retails at £175 while their Imperial Hamper demands a staggering £6,000 investment, though it is currently sold out. At ultra luxe retailers, like Harrods, you’ll be hard pressed to wine and dine a family without spending a few hundred of the Queen’s English. 

So, if you’ve blown your budget on Christmas gifts (we Brits, on average, spend much more on Christmas than our European neighbours) or you’re simply looking for a personal way to let someone know you care this holiday season, why not go the homemade route and make a hamper yourself? With a little time and effort, it could save you a lot of money.

The basket

The presentation of your hamper is just as important as the contents. Choose a nice wicker hamper – it doesn’t need to be expensive – and fill it with shredded tissue paper (£3.95, Amazon) or straw from your local pet shop (£2.49, Pets at Home), before topping it all off with a festive bow (£0.50, Paperchase).

1. Small Hamper Basket 

£4.00, The Works


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