2020-10-27 19:23:03 | Welsh Government revises its list of the items allowed to be sold in lockdown


Story by: Sam Meadows The Telegraph

Sanitary products and baby clothes are now classed as essential items in Wales, amid ongoing chaos over the country’s lockdown rules.

Products for washing clothes and cleaning are also officially exempt from the ban, as well as items used to maintain the home such as batteries and light bulbs.

The Welsh Government revised its list of the items allowed to be sold in supermarkets on Tuesday and told retailers that a “sensible system” should be introduced in which customers can ask to buy non-essential items.

A spokesman for the Welsh Government said: “Following positive discussions with essential retailers, representative groups and Trades Unions we have provided an updated list of goods that can be sold, and have clarified that a sensible system should be introduced whereby customers can ask to buy non-essential items by exception under the regulations.

 “We are hopeful this provides a workable solution for retailers and customers. However, we cannot move away from the central principle that retailers must restrict the sale of non-essential goods for the duration of the fire break.”

It comes after Welsh retailers called on the Government to let shoppers decide what is a non-essential item and vowed to remove special offers to discourage purchases.

In a joint statement, the Welsh Retail Consortium, the Confederation of British Industry and the Association of Convenience Stores said that the final liability for breaking the rules of the “fire break” lockdown should rest with customers not stores.

A supermarket or corner shop could ultimately be fined for failing to enforce the rules, the Welsh Government said, although it was preparing to publish new guidance Tuesday afternoon.

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Sales of non-essential items have been banned, leading to confusion over what is classified as essential. Earlier this week Tesco clarified its position after a tweet incorrectly stated that sanitary towels could not be sold under the lockdown.

Retailers said they would “prominently display” signs approved by the Government next to “known” non-essential items reminding customers of the rules and that this message would be reinforced by tannoy announcements in stores.

The statement added: “We recommend the individual customer is trusted to make their own decision as to whether a product is non-essential or not, taking into account the notices displayed throughout the store and their immediate needs.”

It continued: “If the customer goes ahead with the purchase of the item the final liability ought to rest with the customer.”

They also said they would remove special offers and promotions on restricted items.

“We believe these recommendations will fulfil retail’s role in tackling the spread of the virus while allowing for discretion to be used on an individual basis,” the statement read.


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