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Nearly half of the public in England do not “fully understand” the current coronavirus lockdown rules, a study of more than 70,000 people suggests.

Understanding of the rules was lower in England than in Wales and Scotland.

Researchers found that around half of adults (51 per cent) in England said they understand the current Covid-19 restrictions, while only 13pc “fully understand” them.

The University College London (UCL) study found this was an improvement on the 45pc who felt they understood the rules in England in July. Those responses came after lockdown restrictions were significantly eased on July 4.

But it was a significant drop from the initial lockdown period when 90pc of respondents said they understood what was permitted.

Lead author Dr Daisy Fancourt said the findings were “especially worrying” at a time when case numbers were climbing.

“As well as this potentially leading to people breaking rules they don’t fully understand, confusing messages or unclear communication could result in people disengaging from trying to keep abreast of restrictions, which could well lead to lower compliance in the long term,” Dr Fancourt said.

“These developments are especially worrying at a time when the number of cases continues to climb. So it is vital that the Government improves communication of lockdown restrictions and ensures they are as simple to understand and follow as possible.”


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