2020-10-21 11:06:28 | What time is Trump and Biden’s final face-off, and how can I watch it live in the UK?


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Donald Trump and Joe Biden were supposed to go head-to-head in three debates, but Thursday’s event will now be the second and final meeting between the pair before election day on November 3.

Mr Trump refused to participate in the second event, planned for October 15, after it was announced the event would be held virtually.

“I’m not going to do a virtual debate,” Mr Trump told Fox News, calling the decision “ridiculous” moments after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the changes.

Looking to avoid the disruptions that marred the first meeting, organisers have announced that the October 22 debate will feature a mute button to allow each candidate to speak uninterrupted during their opening statements.

The Trump campaign voiced objections to the change, but said the president would still take part. It is one of Mr Trump’s last chances to reach a large prime-time audience before voting ends.

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed how the Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns are being fought this year, meaning the debates have taken on even more significance than in previous years.

The first and only debate for the two parties’ vice-presidential candidates, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, took place on Wednesday October 7.

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When, where and what time are the debates?

September 29, Ohio

The first presidential debate between Mr Trump and Mr Biden was a chaotic squabble between the two candidates.

The rivals ripped chunks out of each other on their records and issues such as the economy, coronavirus and racism.

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Mr Trump was rebuked several times by Chris Wallace, the moderator, for speaking over his opponent. At one point, after incessant interruptions from the president, Mr Biden said: “Will you shut up, man?”

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October 7, Utah


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