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French military commander Foch was in charge of leading the negotiations and signing the agreement which made it impossible for the German army to recommence fighting. 

The Treaty of Versailles, signed six months later, acted as the lasting peace treaty between the nations. 

The armistice forced the Germans to evacuate invaded countries and territories within two weeks. They also had to surrender a significant amount of war material, including five thousand guns, 25,000 machine guns, 1,700 planes.

Germany, exhausted by war and with a nation of hungry citizens, reluctantly accepted the terms. 

The main commemorative events

Armistice Day is also called Remembrance Day and they both refer to November 11. This year, Armistice Day falls on a Wednesday. It is not to be confused with Remembrance Sunday which always falls on the second Sunday in November.

The Festival of Remembrance, traditionally held at the Royal Albert Hall and attended by the Queen and her family, will not go ahead in its usual format due to the current Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines.

This year, the Royal British Legion, together with the BBC, is creating a pre-recorded programme that will be broadcast on BBC One on Saturday November 7. Staff, volunteers and members of the public will not be able to attend the filming of the event.

The National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph usually takes place on Remembrance Sunday. This year, only members of the Royal family, international leaders and armed forces veterans will be allowed to attend the service.

In line with the latest Covid-19 rules, the annual Remembrance Sunday March Past the Cenotaph, which usually sees up to 10,000 people take part, has been cancelled. Instead, the Royal British Legion is encouraging people to mark the day at home by watching the service on TV and observing the the two minute silence at home or on their doorsteps.

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