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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Richard Barathe, highlighted that Bono Único, a social program of Honduras Government to provide assistance to people affected in their income by the covid-19 pandemic, is a pioneering initiative that brings a great deal of support in the social expenditure to benefit the most vulnerable sectors of the country and it is an example to be replicated internationally.

UNPD highlights Honduras social program (PRNewsfoto/The Government of the Republic of Honduras)
UNPD highlights Honduras social program (PRNewsfoto/The Government of the Republic of Honduras)

Bono Único is a subsidy for both independent and salaried workers, as well as people who are unemployed or without social security that has been affected by the pandemic. It consists of a wire transfers using the mobile phone of the beneficiary which can be exchanged for food, medicine or biosafety supplies in predefined establishments.

This project “is a pilot center that has raised many expectations and it generates greater efficiency in social expenditure, it is an example to be replicated even at the international level,” said Barathe.

The UNDP representative stated that this structure for delivering monetary aid will allow the Government to follow through with greater efficiency its work in favor of those most in need and it represents an important achievement for moving towards a Digital Government.

“It is an initiative that offers social protection, especially for the most vulnerable population and those most affected by the pandemic. And this new mechanism offers much dynamics in the social expenditure and especially it represents plenty of efficiency,” added Barathe.

Today, Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez, made the first electronic transfer of Bono Unico. Barathe joined the event over a web conference as one of the special guests being UNDP one of the entities that collaborated on this new aid mechanism.

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The UNDP Resident Representative acknowledged that “it is a great prowess in matters of Digital Government. This has been a very productive initiative based on different institutions that have implemented their work in an exceptional way”.

For President Hernández this program that includes various sectors of Honduras society, especially those affected by the pandemic, is an opportunity for the Government to deliver social justice for all. “This is money from the Honduran people for those most affected by the pandemic. And it includes people from all sectors, even college professionals. This is an outcome of the fact that in difficult times we must all be united,” Hernández said.

For more information visit: https://presidencia.gob.hn/index.php/sala-de-prensa


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