2020-10-15 15:55:02 | Best online grocery shopping sites and when to book Christmas delivery slots


Story by: Katie Russell The Telegraph

Selling fresh fruit, meat and enough products to meet your pantry needs, Morrisons scores well for its variety – as well as its affordability, with price cuts on hundreds of products.

One of the newest and most impressive features is the Morrisons Food Box – which takes the hassle out of shopping, by packaging the ingredients you need for your weekly meals. You can opt for a themed box (e.g. Spooky Halloween Box, full of sweet treats, which costs just £23) or stock up on essentials, with the Cupboard Essentials Box or Fruity Favourites Box, for instance. Our favourite all-rounder, however, is the 5 Meals to Feed a Family of 4 box, which is priced at just £30 and includes ingredients for five meals (Spag Bol, Veg Pasta Bake, Rosti Topped Cottage Pie, Sausage Tray Bake and Veggie Chilli with Wedges). 

Elsewhere on site, there is a £40 minimum spend but delivery prices start from just £2. For Christmas shopping (for which slots are not yet available), minimum spend goes up to £60. 

Delivery Passes are available to help regular customers save on delivery. The delivery service is fairly environmentally friendly, as you can book a ‘green van slot’, where Morrisons is already delivering to someone nearby in your area. Morrisons is committed to recycling its plastic bags, and has pledged to make all of its packaging recyclable by 2025. 


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